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The Dog Haus Ltd. Company Number 10273142

What do we do?

We will meet with you and your pooch for an induction outside of daycare hours. If we feel your pooch has enjoyed their time with us we will then assess your dog on their first day and slowly introduce them to our pack taking time to build their confidence making sure they feel comfortable at all times. Every dog will then have a probation period of a month as pack dynamics change on a daily basis.

Not all dogs are suited to daycare, while we are an opportunity for your dog to socialise, we will assess whether our environment is right and will always feed back our observation.

Care and attention - Mental Stimulation - Play - Sensory - Canine Enrichment - Games and Fun

We’ve been open for three years now and we have recently had a full refurbishment of the centre. We’ve re-branded The Dog Haus, opened up a brand new reception where we stock all natural dog treats and customers can stay for a coffee if they wish. Inside we have invested in a new polysafe floor which is better on joints, slip resistance, hygienic and brightens up the whole place. We now have a relaxation room where our dogs can have time out, listen to calming music and doze off with the calming scent of lavender. Inside we have streamlined and opened up the space with new fences and gates allowing for more space to play with each other, chase the ball, play tug or play with the swing balls.


We have an IQ area where dogs can enjoy some canine enrichment activities which is great for our dogs that require more mental stimulation. Outside we have a sandpit, water pit and all agility for the dogs to play on.


The Dog House also has an in-house groomer, Eda Adams at Woof and Ready, so dogs can go home groomed after daycare if they wish.

Piece of mind..


We are fully qualified in CANINE FIRST AID

Licenced by a Vet & Local council

Fully insured

07568 500429